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In the following blog post, I have created links and resources to help teachers inspire students through authentic ways using technology to transform teaching and learning. I am committed to using these resources this coming school year.  My goal is to motivate my students and create an atmosphere where students are not robots, but true thinkers who have ownership in the learning process.  A colleague and I worked together and created a wealth of helpful hints and resources to build 21st century skills in the teaching and learning process.
Over this past 5 weeks I have learned more about teaching and learning than I have in the 2 years I've been in graduate school.  I have been given the opportunity to think and create!  I have been given the opportunity to learn at my own pace and take away what is useful for me as a teacher.  I have been given the opportunity to take risks using my learning style. I have been given the opportunity to show mastery.  I have been given the opportunity to engage.  All these experiences have made it more apparent that my students need more OPPORTUNITIES to LEARN in this fashion.

1. Use Google docs and webcam software to teach 21st Century Skills. Create your own meeting webcam using meeting.io.  All you need is a built in web camera and the internet!!  Use the link above:-) It is free and perfect to use with parents that might not be able to make a meeting or conference in person!

Great to use with other professionals and parents that can't come to a meeting or conference!
Click on Google docs link above to learn more about this interactive tool where you can write a group document without having to meet in person! Easy to teach students.
2Use Edmodo to Interact with Students and Parents. This is a really useful website if your district does not have something in place like progress book to post grades, feedback and assignments.  It is like Facebook, but is much more secure for students and/or parents to interact and post replies. I created my account and am thinking about using either this site or Facebook next school year as a teaching/learning tool.  I like how you can create quizzes and on-line assignments, then provide feedback using grading options.  Students only need an access code provided by the teacher to create an account ( no email address) to view his/her class.  They can reply to posts and get assignments as well as grades/feedback.  Cool!!

3.  Use Wikis to flip your classrooms or to inspire students to think and learn.  http://blog.wikispaces.com/

Wiki Example

Use Wikis with students so they can take ownership and publish their learning. Wikis = student canvas!!

U-Tube Video that teaches "flipping" using wikis

4.  Join Social Media Sites to share and learn new innovations: Classroom 2.0-the social network for those interested in  Web 2.0, Social Media, and Participative Technologies in the classroom. They have over 66,000 members from 188 countries!


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