Lindsay Morrow and Steve Nakoneczny-2012
This is why I do what I do....the best reward is seeing your students make it! Some students I teach were on the verge of dropping out of high school. These two have grown leaps and bounds since I have been teaching them.  They did a wonderful job speaking at graduation.  I am so proud to say that there were 64 students this year that were not statistics.  I believe teaching the theme Resiliency is one way for students to build and sustain strength as well as fortitude for life after high school.  I will be sure to incorporate more technology during this discovery. 
Yes, I am  PROUD!!

Screen shot from Jing. Permission given by Steve Nakoneczny

Tracy Kuntz
06/02/2012 3:53am

Congratulation to your students and to you Renee. Isn't that comment by your student worth more than your entire year of salary? There's nothing like being an educator at this time of the year, especially of students who struggle, and seeing them make it. And then when they recognize you as helping them to get there...priceless. I have been running around all week trying to help kids get what then need finished at the last second so that they graduate. Another teacher said, "No wonder you don't have any kids of your own. You have 300 here." Definitely true :) Congrats to you!

Renee Hedges
06/02/2012 3:54pm

Thanks for checking this out Tracy! You are so right about hearing and seeing those words. It keeps me going and I know that I am meant to do this! I just learned how to capture these images and is a great portfolio builder. Yikes, 300..that is bigger then our school! I don't know how you do it! See you soon!

06/02/2012 9:32am

I agree


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