My mind is spinning in excitement to use the many tools I learned this evening.  I enjoyed learning about the diigo features where you create a free account to use bookmarking, highlighting, sticky note and networking features. I especially enjoyed learning all the ways to do searches and change reading levels using advanced settings on Google.  There are so many resources using advance settings such as obtaining scholarly articles, videos and visuals.  It really just takes some time exploring these features and assimilating in the classroom to use with students.   I also have many ideas, strategies and websites that will enhance my instruction in the classroom for transition as well as any subject areas.   Here are links that are very helpful to use as teaching and learning tools. I like to create visuals for students on any topic, since I have a high number of visual-kinetics learners, so
Spezify will be a source I use a lot. Sweet Search, if you work with kids. Ipl2, librarians love this. Trouble with Math, no more: WolframAlphar REALLY liked InstaGrok.


sadie waters
06/01/2012 8:14am

hi mrs. hedges !!!! :D

Brady Bartley
06/01/2012 8:17am


06/01/2012 8:19am

hello brady you are awesome !!!!!!

Mrs. Hedges
06/01/2012 9:20pm

Hi Sadie: Great job starting your blog today! I like that you added the quote section. I will be blogging to you over the summer:-)

sadie waters
06/01/2012 8:16am

hi again ! my email is :

06/01/2012 6:58pm

Looks great...we are all learners, as you noted in the first post.

Renee Hedges
06/01/2012 9:19pm



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