Using Project Based learning (sometimes called Problem Based Learning) is a inquiry based teaching modality that provides real life, hands on opportunities using Ohio Standards to increase student achievement and excitement for learning.  Students use 21st century skills in a collaborative effort to assist them in developing academic and functional skills that can assist them for life beyond the classroom. When implementing Project Based Learning, it is easy to assess students using authentic assessments like rubrics.  There are many benefits using this type of teaching and learning, such as:  increases student and teacher motivation, higher level thinking processes are evident, students master cross content objectives, student learn and use 21st century skills, students feel a sense of ownership and meaning in the process, students learn to work in collaboration with others and with many projects there is a connection from school to community.  Some have argued that project based learning is difficult to organize, some educators have a difficult time maintaining flexibility in changing plans and projects can take weeks; however, when I have implemented this type of teaching and learning, students mastered more objectives than preplanned.  Also, some reluctant readers and writers, were very motivated to do both during this process. The process allows teachers to be more creative and artistic in the teaching process.  For me, I felt very energized teaching in this way.  Watch the YouTube video below!


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    My name is Renee Hedges.  I am an Intervention Specialist for Schnee Learning Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and have been teaching for twelve years. I have experience at the elementary and high school level.   In addition, I have a submajor in Deaf Education and have taught American Sign Language to both elementary and high school students.  I am completing my master's degree as an Intervention Specialist and will be finished in the Spring, 2013.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.