Watch my first Jing video explaining Advance Searching in changing reading levels with Google searches:

I can see using this at the school I currently teach since we use on-line learning as a tool in the classroom.  It would be helpful to have tutorials explaining our on-line Plato and Apangea functions students can access.  I also could use this in my transition class as a way for students to share PowerPoint and blogs or create "how to" videos for incoming students.

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sadie waters
06/06/2012 12:04pm

hey mrs. hedges ! you will never believe how my day went ... its the first day of summer and it SHOULD be full of excitment but i have no one to hangout with im stuck in my house cleaning..... lol how lame !


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    My name is Renee Hedges.  I am an Intervention Specialist for Schnee Learning Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and have been teaching for twelve years. I have experience at the elementary and high school level.   In addition, I have a submajor in Deaf Education and have taught American Sign Language to both elementary and high school students.  I am completing my master's degree as an Intervention Specialist and will be finished in the Spring, 2013.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.