Students are highly engaged and born into the world of technology.  I feel students need a mixture of modalities, materials and scaffolds.  Many educators leave out technology as a learning tool.  I have worked with many high school students that are more motivated when they can use technology to create and show what they know.  I think many teachers feel they use technology in the classroom when they allow students to use the web or do web-quests.  This is one small piece of the whole.  Allowing students to create blogs is one way they too can show mastery level learning.  Engaging in meaningful conversation and reflecting on content in this manner uses higher level reasoning skills (bloom's) we know as teachers show generalization and application.  I have to be honest and say I am learning everyday and know I have a long way to go in the world of technology.  However, I am willing to learn what my students are interested in and apply these technological innovations to the classroom. 

The one way I could use this as an Interventionist is to create a Blog for "life after high school."  Transition planning for careers, college and employment are a key part of the process, so using blogging to increase self identity and career goals would be a great strategy in getting students to think about his/her future.  I also teach a theme about Resiliency and over coming learned helplessness with my students, embedding Language Arts and Written Expression goals.  I could see using blogging for expressing thoughts and to identify growth and mastery in content. Using blogging during problem based learning would also be a good way to assess students knowledge.
Here is a great website I have found on teachers for tomorrow that can be useful for students and teachers.  It can really impact my teaching in the future because it provides differentiated as well as personalized instruction in a really motivating way.  For some students it will defiantly get their attention and sustain it.  When we can get and keep attention, students are truly learning.   Learn about anything and get visual and video clips on any content! It has a built in journal and history that tracks what you have researched as well as a place to take notes!


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    My name is Renee Hedges.  I am an Intervention Specialist for Schnee Learning Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and have been teaching for twelve years. I have experience at the elementary and high school level.   In addition, I have a submajor in Deaf Education and have taught American Sign Language to both elementary and high school students.  I am completing my master's degree as an Intervention Specialist and will be finished in the Spring, 2013.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.